利安德·登登克(Leander Dendoncker):狼队中场签署新的三年合同

时间:2020-12-15 03:30:55

Leander Dendoncker has signed a new three-year deal at Wolves

利安德·登登克(Leander Dendoncker)在狼队签了一份新的三年合同

The midfielder has committed his future to the Molineux club until 2023 with an option to extend for another 12 months


Belgium international Dendoncker has played 12 times for Wolves this season, with Nuno Espirito Santo"s side 13th in the Premier League

比利时国脚登登克(Dendoncker)本赛季为森林狼效力12次,其中努诺·埃斯皮里图·劲爆足球x2托(Nuno Espirito Santo)在英超联赛中排名第13位

Wolves vs Chelsea preview: Christian Pulisic returnsPedro Neto signs new five-year Wolves dealNuno Espirito Santo"s Wolves tactics explained"I"m really happy to be able to stay longer here and to extend my contract," Dendoncker, who can also play in defence, told the club"s official site

狼队vs切尔西队预告:克里斯蒂安·普里西奇重返佩德罗·内托签下了新的五年狼队交易努诺·埃斯皮里图·劲爆足球x2托的狼队战术解释道:“我很高兴能够在这里待更长的时间并延长合同,”登顿克尔(Dendoncker)可以在防守端打球 告诉俱乐部的官方网站

"It"s my third season now and until now, it has been a great journey; both for me, the club, the fans, the players, everyone


"This is a great place to be at and to work


I"m happy off the pitch and on the pitch, so I"m really happy to be able to stay here longer


"For the club, it"s been a great journey in the Premier League, as well as in the Europa League because to get to the quarter-finals is a really nice memory for the club, and it has been great until now


"I hope we can end this season well, but we will need to keep on working hard for that, and I hope we can get there." The 25-year-old joined Wolves, initially on loan, from Anderlecht in 2018 before the club made it permanent for around 12m a year later

“我希望我们本赛季能够顺利结束,但是我们需要为此继续努力,我希望我们能够实现目标。” 这位25岁的球员于2018年从安德莱赫特(Anderlecht)最初借来加入狼队,之后俱乐部在一年后将其永久约1200万

He has made 95 appearances for Wolves, scoring eight times, ahead of Tuesday"s Premier League visit of Chelsea


Nuno: Jimenez head injury "traumatic for everyone"Wolves boss Nuno Espirito Santo admits the head injury suffered by Raul Jimenez was "traumatic for everyone" at the club but confirmed he continues to improve


The Mexico forward will be out for an unspecified period of time having undergone surgery on a fractured skull following his clash of heads with David Luiz at Arsenal last month

墨西哥前锋上个月在阿森纳与戴维·路易兹(David Luiz)发生头部碰撞后,将在骨折的颅骨上接受手术,时间不明

Nuno was able to deliver a positive update ahead of Wolves" home game with Chelsea on Tuesday, however, with Jimenez having again visited his team-mates at the training ground


"He"s improving


He was here again, he had breakfast with us and a good walk around the pitch," Nuno said


"It"s always a big disruption when you lose a player, especially Raul and how the situation happened, which was traumatic for everyone


"We have to overcome it


Raul is going to be OK, he is going to be back to the same player and person he was


"Now we have to work together and keep competing


It was a traumatic situation but in time I am positive, step by step, we will start asking more questions."



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