于尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp):询问英超俱乐部,他们对每场比赛的5个替补规则投了反对票

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp does not believe the introduction of nine players on the bench is a compromise after Premier League clubs voted against allowing teams to make five substitutions per match for a third time at a shareholders" meeting on Thursday

利物浦老板尤尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)不相信在板凳席上引进9名球员是妥协的,此前英超俱乐部在周四的股东大会上投票反对允许球队第三次每场换人5次

Klopp had called the move a "necessity", with the Premier League currently the only major league in Europe not to have kept the five substitute limit that was introduced when domestic football resumed towards the end of last season


But after it again failed to meet the threshold of 14 votes in favour at a meeting of the 20 clubs, Klopp said it was better to ask the 10 clubs who rejected the ruling


"It"s two different decisions


I"m not sure it"s a compromise," said Klopp, with teams now permitted to name nine players on the bench from this weekend, up from the previous seven


"I cannot do you a favour to create headlines, everyone knows what I think about it


PL clubs reject five subs, approve concussion subsPremier League table | Fixtures | ResultsGet PL 18 a month"You have to ask other people

PL俱乐部拒绝5个替补,批准脑震荡替补 治具| 结果每月获得PL 18“您必须问其他人

There were 10 clubs who voted against it


博然影视站It was not about advantages, only player welfare


Only them voted against it in Europe, in the world


"There must be a reason for it博然影视站

“一定有原因 博然影视站

Every club wants to stay in the league, some win the league, but here"s pretty much the only league, because the Championship decided differently


It"s not for me to give an answer." "Thiago will not be rushed back"Thiago Alcantara is close to returning from the knee injury he sustained in his first and so far only Premier League start at Everton in October

我不应该给我一个答案。”“ Thiago不会被赶回去” Thiago Alcantara即将从他十月份在埃弗顿的第一场也是迄今为止唯一一次英超联赛中遭受的膝盖受伤中恢复过来。

The midfielder was pictured training at Kirkby this week, though Klopp says he will not be rushed back


Speaking ahead of Liverpool"s Saturday lunchtime match at Crystal Palace, Klopp added: "He is [eager to return]


We already made jokes here, I think we should sign Thiago for January博然影视站

我们已经在这里开了玩笑,我认为我们应该在1月签下Thiago 博然影视站

He"s getting closer and closer, it"s a good way, but we will not rush it, we cannot rush it


He will not because he"s not allowed to rush it


"It"s nice having him training, doing a lot of stuff, but he"s not in team training yet


That"s the final step


We will see


Next week, can he be in team training? I don"t know 100 per cent

下周,他可以参加团队训练吗? 我不知道100%

He has to pass a few tests on the pitch until we make that decision


With Milly [James Milner], Shaq [Xherdan Shaqiri] it will be similar." Thiago, meanwhile, told Liverpoolfc.com he is not targeting a comeback date: "No, just taking it step by step

对于米莉(James Milner),沙克(Xherdan Shaqiri)来说,情况将会相似。

We always try to [do it] like we have a wall in front of us, saying "OK, you have to make a step back before you can advance." "Now we think we are in a right mood and looking forward to the end of the year to try to train another time with the team." Klopp"s shock at pipping Flick to best coach On Thursday night Klopp was named the top men"s coach at the Best FIFA awards for a second successive year

我们总是尽力做到,就像前面有一堵墙一样,说:“好的,您必须退后一步才能前进。” “现在,我们认为我们的心情合适,并希望在今年年底之前尝试与团队一起再培训一次。” 克洛普(Klopp)震惊弗里克(Flick)担任最佳教练星期四晚上,克洛普(Klopp)连续第二年被评为最佳国际足联最佳男教练

Klopp beat off competition from Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa and Bayern Munich"s Hansi Flick, who were the other finalists for the award, after following up Liverpool"s 2018-2019 Champions League triumph by winning the 2019-20 Premier League

克洛普击败利兹老板马塞洛·比尔萨(Marcelo Bielsa)和拜仁慕尼黑队的汉斯·弗里克(Hansi Flick)赢得了比赛的其他入围者,此前利物浦在2018-2019年冠军联赛中获胜,并赢得了2019-20赛季的英超联赛冠军

"I"m grateful for it, obviously," Klopp said


"First moment I was looking a little wide-eyed, like "How did that happen?", I didn"t expect it, not at all


I thought Hansi Flick won pretty much everything in the last year, and that [him winning] would be the case

我以为Hansi Flick在去年赢得了几乎所有比赛的冠军,而[他获胜]就是这种情况

"I wanted to be there to show respect because last year in Milan it was a really nice event


(Mauricio) Pochettino was there as well, so I thought if I will be nominated again I will show up even if I have no chance of winning it


"I know there"s four different categories, managers all over the world, the majority voted for me, the players as well, media and fans


It"s not my choice, I"m happy about it, it"s a special thing for my coaches and me


I saw them already and they are buzzing


"If you would have asked me, are you the world"s best coach, I would have said no


If you would have asked me do you have the world"s best coaches around you, I would have said yes."



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