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St Johnstone reached the semi-finals of the Betfred Cup with a 4-3 penalty shootout win over Dunfermline at East End Park

圣约翰斯通(St Johnstone)在东区公园(Dongfermline)以4-3的点球大战战胜邓弗姆林(Dunfermline)杀入半决赛

After a goalless 90 minutes, Shaun Rooney drove Saints into the lead four minutes into extra-time but Pars substitute Iain Wilson levelled with a shot in the 113th minute and then came the tension of penalties

在90分钟的无目标比赛之后,肖恩·鲁尼(Shaun Rooney)在加时赛四分钟内将圣徒队带入领先优势,但帕尔斯替代伊恩·威尔逊(Iain Wilson)在第113分钟进行了一次射门得分,然后是点球

Perth goalkeeper Zander Clark made saves from Paul Watson and Kevin O"Hara with Wilson and Kyle Turner scoring

珀斯门将赞德·克拉克(Wander and Kyle Turner)从保罗·沃森(Paul Watson)和凯文·奥哈拉(Kevin O"Hara)扑救

Craig Conway, Stevie May and Callum Booth all scored for the Premiership side with Callum Hendry hitting the woodwork which left Liam Craig with the opportunity to win the tie and he made no mistake

克雷格·康威(Craig Conway),史蒂夫·梅(Stevie May)和卡勒姆·布斯(Callum Booth)都在英超联赛中得分,卡勒姆·亨德利(Callum Hendry)击中木制品,这使利亚姆·克雷格(Liam Craig)有机会赢得平局,他没有犯错

Scottish football homepageScottish football fixturesBoth sides went into the game on the back of rare league defeats but the visitors started the quarter-final tie better, Scott Tanser firing a drive from 20 yards past the post before Rooney glanced a David Wotherspoon corner just wide

在罕见的联赛失利的背景下,双方进入了比赛,但访问者更好地开始了四分之一决赛,斯科特·坦瑟(Scott Tanser)在离哨所20码处开射,然后鲁尼扫了一下大卫·沃瑟斯彭的拐角处

The home side came close in the 27th minute when Dom Thomas whipped in free-kick from wide which was gratefully turned round the post for a corner by St Johnstone goalkeeper Clark澳门国际公开大学

主队在第27分钟接近收场,当时多姆·托马斯(Dom Thomas)从禁区中任意球将球踢出球,圣约翰斯通门将克拉克(Carl)急切地将球踢出角球 澳门国际公开大学

The Perth men survived consecutive corners before a Thomas cross zipped across the six-yard box with no takers


Saints then passed up a great chance to score when a perfect Wotherspoon cross was somehow headed over the crossbar from six yards by midfielder Murray Davidson

然后,当中场球员穆雷·戴维森(Murray Davidson)从六码之外的一个完美的Wotherspoon十字架从横梁上驶过时,圣徒队获得了得分的好机会

St Johnstone striker Chris Kane came close with a drive from 20 yards early in the second half as the visitors still looked the more likely

下半场初期,圣约翰斯通前锋克里斯·凯恩(Chris Kane)距离20码处开车接近,因为游客们看上去仍然更有可能

Dunfermline goalkeeper Owain Fon Williams saved a decent Liam Gordon header from a Wotherspoon corner

Dunfermline守门员Owain Fon Williams从Wotherspoon角落救了一个不错的Liam Gordon头球

May took over from Kane on the hour mark with Dunfermline enjoying some good possession and a clever chip by Thomas just cleared the bar


The game descended into attrition and endless series of crosses blocked and passes cut out before entering extra-time


But Saints" goal was one of real quality


Tanser"s deep cross was controlled out of the air by Rooney and from 16 yards he smashed the ball low into the far corner of the net to celebrate his first goal since joining from Inverness


St Johnstone then piled forward for more

然后,圣约翰斯通(St Johnstone)

May had a couple of efforts on goal then missed a sitter from six yards before Rooney came close to a second with a drive which was deflected past for a fruitless corner澳门国际公开大学

梅进行了几次努力,然后在六码外错过了一个保姆,鲁尼以一记弯腰的弯角驶过一个毫无结果的弯道,接近了第二个弯 澳门国际公开大学

Dunfermline rallied when the teams turned around again and Wilson, on for Fraser Murray at half-time in extra-time, slammed in the leveller with his first goal for the Pars since joining from Kilmarnock in the summer

球队再次转身时,邓弗姆林(Dunfermline)反弹,而威尔逊(Wilson)在加时赛中为弗雷泽·穆雷(Fraser Murray)上场,自夏天从基尔马诺克(Kilmarnock)加入以来,他首次为帕尔斯(Pars)打入平地球

Then came the penalties lottery - with Saints coming out on top to join Hibernian in the last four



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