山姆·阿勒迪斯(Sam Allardyce)任命西布朗(West Brom)老板

时间:2020-12-17 01:13:06

West Brom have appointed Sam Allardyce as their new head coach

西布朗(West Brom)已任命萨姆·阿拉迪斯(Sam Allardyce)为新任总教练

The former England boss has signed an 18-month contract, which includes a break clause at the end of the season if the Albion are relegated


Allardyce, in his first managerial role since being sacked by Everton in 2018, replaces Slaven Bilic after he was dismissed on Wednesday following West Brom"s 1-1 draw at Manchester City on Tuesday night

自从2018年被埃弗顿(Everton)解雇以来,阿拉迪斯(Alardyce)担任第一任管理职务。他在周二晚上西布朗(West Brom)在曼城以1-1战平后于周三被解雇后接替斯拉文·比利奇(Slaaven Bilic)

The Baggies have struggled on their return to the Premier League this season, winning just once - against bottom club Sheffield United


They remain second bottom of the table, but are only two points behind 17th-place Burnley


Allardyce sees the job as an ideal opportunity for him to return to football after more than two and a half years away, and is confident he can keep Albion in the Premier League


Slaven Bilic sacked by West Brom, Sam Allardyce set to take overThe former England manager is currently still at his home in the North West, but he will need to undergo a coronavirus test before he can travel to the Midlands and enter West Brom"s secure eco-bubble

前西英格兰经纪人山姆·阿勒代斯(Sam Allardyce)被西布朗(Sad Brom)解雇了斯拉文·比利奇(Salaven Bilic),他即将接任这位前英格兰经理,目前仍在西北他的家中,但是他必须经过冠状病毒测试,才能前往米德兰兹(Midlands)并进入西布朗(West Brom)的安全生态环境。 泡沫

"Etihad irony - but Allardyce a big character" News" Rob Dorsett: The irony is that Slaven Bilic will probably feel very strongly that West Brom had their best performance and result of the season against Man City


It will be sad news for a lot of West Brom fans


Bilic was a popular figure


He wore his heart on his sleeve and he will feel that he didn"t get the resources in the summer transfer window to strengthen世博吉祥物

他的袖子上戴着心脏,他会感到他没有在夏季转会窗口中获得足够的资源来加强 世博吉祥物

Slaven Bilic was frustrated that he couldn"t get his top targets but West Brom"s bosses thought they went above and beyond to support him in the market and gave him more money than they had originally planned

斯拉文·比利奇(Slaaven Bilic)感到沮丧,因为他无法实现自己的最高目标,但西布朗(West Brom)的老板们认为,他们超越了目标,为他提供了市场支持,并给了他比原计划更多的钱

There was definitely a difference in opinion there


But results speak for themselves - just one win this season, second-bottom of the Premier League


The bosses at West Brom clearly felt the only way for them to mount a realistic survival challenge was to change the manager

西布朗(West Brom)的老板显然感到,他们面对现实生存挑战的唯一方法是更换经理

How will the appointment of Allardyce go down with supporters? He"s hugely experienced and has a brilliant record of keeping teams in the Premier League

Allardyce的任命将如何与支持者一起接受? 他经验丰富,拥有出色的战绩,保持了英超联赛的队伍

It"s that simple世博吉祥物

就这么简单 世博吉祥物

They may have some concerns about the style of play


Allardyce has never made any apologies for that - he focuses on winning football


But there are a lot of creative players in this side and one of the problems West Brom have had is not scoring enough goals

但是这方面有很多有创造力的球员,西布朗(West Brom)遇到的问题之一是没有进球

That"s an issue that needs addressing


The congested fixture list means it may not be easy to change the tactics too quickly but the team that went to the Etihad showed great strength of character and that will give the squad - and the new manager - an awful lot of confidence


Allardyce has been out of the game for a while but he"s a big character and a hugely talented manager and he"ll make West Brom much more difficult to beat

Allardyce已经离开比赛了一段时间,但他是一个大人物,也是一个非常有才华的经理,他将使West Brom更加难以击败

I don"t think Allardyce would take this job unless he believes he can keep West Brom in the Premier League


He sees himself as a Premier League manager


If he thought they were certain to drop into the Championship, I don"t think he"d be interested世博吉祥物

如果他认为他们确定要参加冠军赛,我不认为他会感兴趣 世博吉祥物

But he will want to know they have the resources in January



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