卢顿镇0-0伯恩茅斯:樱桃在Kenilworth Road陷入僵局

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Bournemouth lost ground in the Sky Bet Championship promotion race as they were held to a goalless draw by a battling Luton side


The Cherries went into the game having seen fellow promotion chasers Norwich beat Cardiff 2-0 to move six points clear - they were only able to cut that to five, with Town having the two best opportunities of the 90 minutes


Jason Tindall"s side created the first chance of the game, Junior Stanislas curling a free-kick straight at James Shea from 20 yards, as Luton"s only attempt in the early stages was a Luke Berry shot charged down

杰森·廷德尔(Jason Tindall)的球队创造了比赛的第一机会,少年斯坦尼斯拉斯(Jane Stanislas)从20码处向詹姆斯·希亚(James Shea)任意球直行,卢顿(Luton)早期的唯一尝试是卢克·贝瑞(Luke Berry)被击落

Championship fixtures | table | highlightsGet Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall saw his free-kick in the 20th minute punched behind by Asmir Begovic, the midfielder trying to catch the former Stoke stopper out at his near post

冠军赛器材| 桌子| Get Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall在第20分钟看到自己的任意球被中场球员Asmir Begovic追上,Asmir Begovic试图在前哨站将前Stoke塞子赶出

Stanislas had another go from a set-piece midway through the half, slipping as he took it, his effort sailing over the top, with midfielder Philip Billing also seeing his radar malfunction as he skied an attempt from inside the box on the half hour


Luton were giving as good as they got, though, and had the best chance of the half five minutes later


Danny Hylton"s left-footed daisycutter drew an excellent stop from Begovic, who stuck out a right hand to palm away

丹尼·海尔顿(Danny Hylton)的左脚菊花刀从贝戈维奇(Begovic)站了下来,后者伸出右手掌心离开

Captain Sonny Bradley was then denied by the "keeper, although this time it was a far more comfortable stop, gathering his header from a corner

船长桑尼·布拉德利(Sonny Bradley)随后被守门员拒绝,尽管这次是一个舒适得多的停留,他从一个角落收集了他的头球

After the break, Lewis Cook tried to break the deadlock from range, his effort not troubling Shea

休息后,刘易斯·库克(Lewis Cook)试图打破僵局,他的努力没有使Shea感到麻烦

Cherries boss Tindall sent on Sam Surridge and Diego Rico as they created an opening only to see David Brooks get too much purchase on his header

樱桃老板Tindall派出Sam Surridge和Diego Rico创建了一个空缺,只是看到David Brooks在标头上获得了太多购买

That was not the case for Dominic Solanke, however, unable to generate the power he needed to direct a hanging cross on target at the far post

但是,多米尼克·索兰克(Dominic Solanke)并非如此,他无法产生他所需的力量,将远处的目标悬挂在十字架上

With 10 minutes to go, Dewsbury-Hall took aim for Luton, his fizzing drive always rising


Jefferson Lerma then put his attempt out of the ground from 20 yards, as substitute Rodrigo Riquelme tried his luck as well, Shea able to collect easily enough down low

杰斐逊·莱尔马(Jefferson Lerma)然后将他的尝试从20码高处推开,替补球员罗德里戈·里克尔梅(Rodrigo Riquelme)也尝试了运气,因为乳木果能够轻松地在低处收集

The Spanish midfielder had another sight with his head shortly afterwards, unable to find the net from 10 yards


Sam Nombe was then thrown on for Hatters top-scorer James Collins late on and he almost won it in the final minute, sent through by Berry"s pass李宁官方网上商城

随后,山姆·诺姆比(Sam Nombe)成为哈特斯(Hatters)最佳射手詹姆斯·柯林斯(James Collins)的对手,他在最后一刻差点就赢得了胜利,这是贝瑞(Berry)传球通过的 李宁官方网上商城

Under pressure, he could not beat the sprawling Begovic and the chance went begging, Town screaming for a penalty that referee Dean Whitestone did not give

在压力下,他无法击败蔓延的贝戈维奇,机会不断乞讨,汤姆尖叫着裁判迪安·怀特斯通(Dean Whitestone)没有给予点球

With virtually the final kick, Luton could have snatched victory, Dewsbury-Hall"s low cross put just over his own bar by a visiting defender



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